Celebrate WDGY’s golden years when WeeGee Wayback Wonders rekindles the fun ‘60s! Enjoy the magic of the music during WDGY and AM top-40 radio’s golden era, from pre-Beatles 1963 to 1969, while still saving room for some early ‘70s dessert.  

You’ll also hear rarities and album cuts, plus favorites from TV shows and the movies.  The WeeGee Wayback Wonders turntable will get a real workout, with loads and loads of original vintage vinyl 45s, sounding just as they did when the WeeGee Tigers deejays spun those 7-inch plastic platters over the 50,000-watt airwaves.  Records will also go under the audio microscope, so you can hear how the hit single and album versions of the same songs differed.

Each Saturday, we’ll also count down the top 20 songs from an original WDGY record survey from that date.  

Join veteran WDGY DJ John Pratt for WeeGee Wayback Wonders, Saturdays 6-9 PM!

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WeeGee Wayback Wonders

Saturdays 6-9pm with John Pratt