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Paul Geiger 

Hangs up headphones February 12, 2021

“After 43 years and four different stations, playing everything from records to carts, reel-to-reels to CDs and whatever else you could fit in a computer hard drive, I’m hanging up the headphones,” says Geiger. “What a great journey it has been, made better by all the listeners I’ve had the honor to meet. You will never be forgotten. Sadly, Greg (Borgen) passed away in December. He knew of my retirement plans and teased me about hanging at a beach house in Florida, knowing full well I’d never stray too far from home. Greg is deeply missed and I thank him and his wonderful family for the opportunity to be a part of the Wee Gee Family. To the great co-workers I’ve enjoyed working with, a sincere thank you. Your friendship and talents have always been so appreciated. God bless you all.”​ - Paul Geiger